God’s Will

Heinrik Golden was an angel with a short half-life.  He was not immortal.   He was not supernatural.   Heinrik worked as a janitor and lived in a basement apartment on Garvey Street, a rat infested neighborhood.   Heinrik was an angel because God said so.  Heinrik was a believer.   God was all that mattered to Heinrik because everything else in his life was misery.   He was raised in foster care by a dozen different families.   He was labeled as mildly retarded by the school system.  He was not handsome.   He had no money and no working skills.  God was all he had and God said he was an angel.   Heinrik saw God in his dreams every night.  He heard celestial music in his head.   Heinrik was blessed.  God told Heinrik to perform miracles and do good deeds.   He was reluctant at first, but he forced himself to do what he was told.   He wanted to help people so he gave away food and what little money he had.  It felt glorious.  He became more confident.  He would intervene to stop fights he saw in the neighborhood.  Sometimes he was badly beaten, but he knew he was doing the Lord’s work.   Heinrik wanted to stop gang violence.  He became a target.  His home was ransacked.  Gun shots nearly killed him, but then he had an epiphany.  Heinrik heard the voice of God and knew what he had to do. He became the Angel of Death.  He would rid the world of scum, abortionists, gays, and leftist radicals.  At first these new demands were confusing.  Heinrik never had thoughts or feelings about any of the people he was ordered to kill – he had no philosophy or politics.   Still he had to obey the Lord’s will.  Once the killings began, Heinrik gained physical strength, but still fostered doubts.   He was God’s angel but he couldn’t stomach the blood and gore.  He prayed and cried, but kept killing because he believed he’d be rewarded and welcomed into God’s Kingdom.  He heard the Lord’s voice one evening while trying to wash off the blood, “Hello Heinrik Golden – you are my creation.”  A man stepped out of the shadows.  “I am Dr. Glen K. and I programmed you.  You have performed extremely well.”  Heinrik was stunned.  God was just a man in a lab coat.


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