Clock Man

It was always a challenge for Mr. Dominic Fair.  He was a recalcitrant clock-maker in an age of atomic watches and digital implants.  Most people were offended by Dominic’s old-fashioned clocks – they appeared to mock modern, computerized society.  His workroom was filled with a plethora of ticking gadgetry.  He only used analogue devices, eschewing anything digital. Dominic believed that true creativity was a human function – and people were analogue not digital (even with the new implants that tried to rewire the brain).  For his efforts, Dominic was scorned and reviled.  He was forced to live in an abandoned building on the outskirts of the city.  He felt alone, but he was safe amongst his clocks.  The sound of ticking filled his ramshackle home.   One tick followed another – an analogue sound – to Dominic it was the music of the spheres.  The outside world continued to push forward into the digital miasma forcing individuals to become part of the Web.  Most people adopted digital lives.  They used avatars to replace themselves.  They chose virtual reality over existence in a physical world. Dominic Fair rarely ventured outside his home.  He had noticed the city falling into itself, deteriorating.  Buildings were no longer maintained.  Cars were abandoned, slowly turning into rusted heaps.  Every person he saw appeared dazed, confused, disheveled. Rats began to multiply.  They gnawed on people who lay in their own waste, too disoriented to care as they were plugged into delusional worlds.  It all distressed Dominic Fair to no end so he built a new clock.  It was a marvel filled with golden gears and crystal bells.  The clock had a miraculous face that appeared to cry.    The clock was Dominic’s greatest achievement, a perpetual motion machine.  When the great work was complete, Dominic lay down to rest.   He drifted into a deep and mystical sleep, caught in the arms of death never to awake.  His great clock was set in motion as Dominic lay dying.  When the crystal bells began to sing the hours, a pulse reverberated through the city.  The pulse effected the electronic infrastructure.  Digital devices snapped and died. People were rudely awakened.  It was a new world, an analogue world.  The transition from Virtual Reality was not going to be easy.  Survivors needed to learn how to regain balance within the universe.  Once again they would need to honor the spirits of the Earth.


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