He had a hunger he could not explain.   Hunger can be overwhelming, dominating everything in a person’s life.   Carl’s hunger was unquenchable. When he was a boy he hungered for toys.  He was never satisfied.  His parents spent a fortune trying to squelch the boy’s hunger.  Nothing worked.   Carl was finally sent to a private school where he was denied his toys.   Six months later the school mysteriously burnt to the ground.   By then, Carl was old enough to set out on his own.  He began to crave money.   His appetite was voracious.   He became a convincing conman and bilked seniors out of their meager savings.   He developed a hunger for “things” and filled his life with gadgets, furniture, and cars.  Hunger still plagued him.   He needed sex and hired prostitutes, but sex was never enough.   Carl studied psychology and religion trying to find what he needed to satisfy his craving.   He discovered he had a deep seeded yearning for love.   He was ecstatic when he met Celia. She seemed to be the answer.   Several months past and Carl felt satisfied, but his craving eventually came back – stronger than ever.   He hungered for more of Celia, more of everything.   “What’s wrong,” she asked in a voice that reminded Carl of whispering angels.  His hunger tore at his soul.   He needed her.  He attacked her, biting into her soft white flesh.   Her screams only made Carl more aggressive.   At last she stopped screaming – Carl had devoured her heart, then he went for the brain.  Finally he felt satisfied.   He felt ecstatic, but it didn’t last.   Again, Carl was plagued by hunger, stronger than ever.   He was crazy with hunger.   He realized there was only one way to satisfy his insatiable hunger.  Carl started eating his right hand.  He was ravenous.   The spurt of blood and crunch of bone drove him to eat his arm.   Each bite was excruciatingly delicious.   Carl was insane with pain and pleasure, finally getting his fill.   Not much was left when police found the remains, but Carl’s hunger still lived, looking for greedy victims to possess.


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