An Art Affair

It was an unusual affair, tense and torrid.   The unlikely pair met in an Arts & Crafts Studio.   The lovers were doomed by tragedy right from the beginning. Kept apart from one another for what seemed like a millennium; and  finally, after coming together, the lovers were quickly and cleanly dispatched.  Truth be told they were an eccentric couple as indicated by their odd names, Puddle and Green.   They were bohemians always on the cutting edge of invention.  They first noticed one another after participating in an experiment in Abstract Expressionism.  Puddle was splashed onto the floor and green was spattered against the wall from an overly full paint brush.  They noticed one another and a powerful longing, like  magnetism, developed.  They could eye one another (even without “eyes” they could see one another), but they were quite far apart.  Nothing else mattered to the young sweethearts.  Green longed to be embraced by the cool liquid-presence of Puddle.   They were not complicated individuals.  They were consumed with one another, nothing else mattered or made sense.   Puddle tried to move toward green, spreading thin across the floor, but not thin enough as the distance was too far.  Green quivered with anticipation.  Greens quivering pushed a trickle from inside its’ spatter.   The trickle became a drop that slowly dripped toward the floor.  Seconds rolled by like slow moving mud.  Extraordinary strain and effort was exacted by Puddle’s thinning and Green’s dribbling.   The pain of love was palpable throughout the Art Studio causing students to become morbidly obsessed with existential questions about life and death.   Suicide was contemplated as the two lovers waged a war against the barriers keeping them apart.   Incredibly, persistence and forbearance won out.  The atmosphere in the Art Studio seemed to lift like a hot-air balloon and a gasp of joy left the lips of working artists for no apparent reason.  Green’s drip touched Puddle’s liquid (a miracle that no person really noticed).   The two merged in a swirl of copulation.  It was ecstasy for the beleaguered couple, but it was short lived.  Within the hour the puddle was mopped up and the green spatter was washed away.


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