HOW A Man Invented God!

The tribe of Homo Sapiens sat on the ground and banged rocks together.   They had nothing else to do and rocks were interesting.   It was widely known that the world was made of  rocks.   Banging rocks became a dangerous habit.   Soon the primitive tribe forgot everything except rocks.   They forgot to eat, forgot to hunt, and even forgot to have sex (which had become boring). Instead, everyone banged rocks.   One teenager named “Rackk” rebelled. Teenagers have always been rebellious.  Rackk just wasn’t that interested in banging rocks, besides he was hungry because no one went hunting anymore. The others soon realized that Rackk was not banging rocks and they became very upset.  They banished Rackk from the tribe.   At first the young man was fearful, then he realized his life was becoming more interesting and challenging now that he no longer had to bang.  Rackk wandered in the desert. He was alone, but he kept busy.  He hunted, ate, and built his own shelter.   He was becoming strong and independent.  Rackk decided the rocks were not any happier than he was about the banging.  It was a major realization.   Rackk decided to offer food to the rocks as consolation for how they were treated by the others.  He gave half his food to the rocks and that seemed like a fair deal. The rocks didn’t complain.    Rackk was surprised at how easily he found food and surmised the rocks were responsible now that he was giving them half his food.   He returned to the tribe with his new knowledge.    All the others were very thin and sickly, but they still banged rocks.  They were all surprised to see Rackk and amazed at how great and strong he looked.   Rackk told them his story about wandering in the desert and discovering the true nature of rocks.   Rackk was made the new leader.  He taught his people how to worship the rocks.   Rackk called the rocks “God” and it was good.



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