Enemy Mine

I was hunted down like helpless prey by predators eager to bestow vicious pain.   I thought I was safe, encased in my protective bubble.   I soon realized that no one is safe anymore.  I heard the enemy coming closer, tearing up the ground like a merciless machine.   Coming closer, yelling my name, targeting my brain.   The enemy rounded on me, not just one fiend but a horde of angry beasts.   I saw my life flashing like a rotating red light on a patrol car.   Slices of my short existence caught my eye as claws and teeth scraped my soft belly.  I saw everything from some place outside my body as I was torn apart, disintegrating.  They caught me. The final realization struck like lightning: “I” was the enemy.   I was “spam” loaded with destructive viruses and malware. Unknowingly, I was a Trojan Horse.   The fiends who attacked me were the heroes, protecting the programs I sought to destroy.


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