Birthday Treats

“Happy Birthday Celia,” everyone shouted.   It was a surprise, but Celia wasn’t surprised.  She knew what was planned.   She acted surprised — in fact, she was truly happy.  So many friends and family in one room — and just for her.   She licked her lips thinking about the tasty treats.   Mom presented herself to Celia with warmth and love.  Everyone waited in quiet expectation for their turn to be with Celia.  A birthday was a momentous occasion.   It only happened once a year.  In Celia’s case it only happened once.  There was no turning back the clock and Celia had reached the age of fulfillment.  She kissed mom and tenderly nipped her on the neck.   She would proceed the same way with each honored guest:  first a kiss, then a nip, and finally big bites until she devoured every person in the room.  This was the tradition among the “Mornxxll.”  It was how life was inherited and preserved.


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