Trials of “Grrrck!”

He was an adult without a name.   Actually,  he had a name but it was very difficult to pronounce.  He always referred to himself as “Grrrck!”   He never responded when anyone else asked him for a name.   He just went about his business and never replied.  It didn’t bother him.   In fact he was very satisfied with his life.  He had enough to eat.  The larder was always full.   Grrrck! was reasonably happy working as a Hauler.  It was simple work.   He saw something he liked and hauled it away.   He usually had sex whenever he was horny.   It never mattered who his partner was.   There was always someone willing to put out.   He believed he wasn’t smart enough to be bored and that suited him fine.   If  it hadn’t been for the intruder,  his life of simple joys could have continued forever.  The intruder changed everything.   The first signs that something was amiss were the earthquakes – thundering forces that rocked his world.  The intruder appeared.   He was an immense giant,  some sort of alien.  The intruder smashed everything.  Hundreds were killed.   Grrrck! was good at hiding and escaped,  but he wasn’t certain how long he could last.  The intruder had a booming voice like some kind of engine.  “I own this place,” he said, “I will kill every cockroach in this house!”   Grrrck! had never been called a cockroach but he knew it was true.   The man started to spray poison.   Grrrck! was paralyzed,  but that wasn’t the worst consequence. The most horrible result occurred after several hours when Grrrck! awoke.   He was no longer a cockroach.  Somehow he had switched places with the man.   His simple life was over and Grrrck! was filled with dread.


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