It was a word    That stuck in his brain
He was a blind boy    Locked in the dark
“Resuscitation” is what he needed    That was the word
He wanted to SEE
He heard about the spectacle of color
Whispers told about the magic of red    The mystery of green
Holidays were approaching
Stories hummed in wires    And electrical cables
Telling of miracles & inventions
I-pads    3-D TV    4-G phones
Blind boy wanted to see and own
He heard there were bargains at the mall
He needed to be revived    Brought back to the world of the living
A stray bullet took his sight     His life
Doctors tried    But failed
Blind boy lay in a coffin
Bargaining with heaven & hell for resuscitation
He hammered on the lid    Clawed at the earth
Till he saw the glow of moonlight
Blind boy rose out of the grave
Adorned in green & red gore
A Christmas Zombie
Searching for bargains galore


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