Future Mishap!

Humphrey Hermann was a guy with two first names,  and that wasn’t his only problem.   He was robbed, murdered, resurrected, and framed; but that wasn’t the worst … The most devastating event occurred when he was at a party in the “frolic zone” of New London:  Humphrey met himself.   He was chatting-up a pretty bird by the rock-punch bowl when up walked Humphrey Hermann, himself.  What does a guy do when he meets himself?   Humphrey used his cell to call for emergency aide.   The team arrived in a “nick” — but who was the real Humphrey?   Recently, there had been a slue of virtual-clones infiltrating the market.  It was causing havoc.  Confusion led to an economic meltdown.   No one knew who was who.   Television latched onto the situation to make a killing with new reality-based programming like “Who’s Who.”   None of this helped Humphrey who knew who he was,  but didn’t know who the other guy was.  The emergency team went catatonic — No help there.   Humphrey’s doppelganger was no help either — he kept insisting he was the real Humphrey.   Humphrey worked in TV and knew about the recent “fragging” of personalities to create new reality programming.   Media Execs were behind much of the confusion by creating virtual clones.   It was actually Humphrey’s idea,  his scheme to enter the big leagues behind Virtuality.   It worked beautifully until Humphrey ran into “Humphrey” because the second Humphrey was not a virtual clone — he was real.   Humphrey was looking at the future of himself.   The man, still very recognizable, was a wreck.  He wore the same glam-suit that Humphrey wore only it was in tatters.   He looked haggard — and he rasped like a bad muffler on an ion jet.   Humphrey began to worry, then his double spoke:  “I’m you – ten years in the future … I barely got away using the escape clause in my contract.  You are responsible …”  It was too late.   The newly arrived Humphrey exploded in a scintilla of rainbow colored lights.  At that moment, Humphrey thought he suffered from a seizure, but it was only a bad case of heartburn caused by anxiety.   He was free from the paradox caused by a second Humphrey, but he was left with a bad taste in his mouth. TV was taking control of everything and replacing everyone with virtual clones.   Humphrey was beginning to doubt his own ingenious plans to make a killing in the industry.   He saw the future where nothing worked and where he would be killed once and forever!


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