Alastair created a book of codes when he was seven years old.   He devised a personal language based on higher mathematics … and that wigged-out everyone.  They called Alistair a “wighead” because he was so “wiggy.”    The boy gained a reputation on the internet as some sort of guru.    He knew the language of atoms and electrons.  He built the first Universal Web.    He learned to communicate with disembodied spirits and other entities.   The new web altered all life on Earth.   People could communicate with extraterrestrials.   The bible could not compete with Ostrich headed aliens who spoke Tagalog.   Science was revamped to fit the new paradigms broadcast over the Web.   A new Virtual Age was dawning.    Everyone could work from home and enjoy the benefits of Universal Webbing.  Life was rapidly changing.   Money-making schemes multiplied – the new Web was a gold rush. Alistair was nineteen when the first cracks began to appear in the virtual universe.   He was at a party broadcast from the Starling Nebula.   Several musical groups were performing.   Many guests played along with noise-makers.   The ambassador known as “Green” was trading sub-prime mortgages. A group of Vapid Gasbags were blowing bubbles (which was bad for money markets).   The tall Red-Dwarf  from Andromeda pushed a Ponzi scheme.   There was pandemonium on the Universal Web.   Then, calamity rocked the Earth in the form of mass withdrawal.   The population was overwhelmed by electronic phantoms.   People fell asleep and accepted dreams instead of the business of daily living.    Alistair tried to recalibrate the signals from the internet.   He scarcely survived the blast of electronic revulsion.    He was reduced into himself.   He was seven, again — working on his codes.   None of it was real.   Alistair had created a myth which gave the world a new paradigm. But, it was an empty myth.    The paradigm tumbled down and people were left dazed & confused.


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