A Cautionary Tale

Lenny plunged the needle in his arm and waited for the drug to take effect.   He was 24 and rail thin.   Once he was considered a true beauty.   He even modeled for several years, earning a great deal of money and enjoying all the privileges that wealth offered.  At the time he believed physical beauty was the ultimate goal and reason for living —  but that life died once his “quest” began.   He no longer remembered why he became dissatisfied or what triggered his quest.   He grew up in an upper class neighborhood.  His girlfriend, Terrice, was gorgeous and smart … but that was before she got hooked.   She died somewhere along the way.   Lenny had a boyfriend, Timothy,  for awhile.   He was drawn to the man by his extraordinary good looks, but it ended badly.   Lenny’s journey was littered with corpses.   His quest began with questions that seemed to intrude into his brain.   He started reading: the Upanishads, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, and other religious and mystical tomes.  The writing only encouraged his curiosity.  Lenny wanted to look beyond the “veil.”  He wanted to lift the curtain and see what lay beyond this life.  Several friends joined Lenny on his quest —  several died.   Drugs helped open the doors of perception.   He found himself in abandoned buildings, high as the dome of space,  sitting in his own waste.   A cracked window covered with grime was his only witness when he, at last, uncovered the truth.  The designer drug pushed his mind beyond the portal of normal reality and into a realm of “total knowledge.”   He entered Agartha, a city that only existed on the etheric plane — a place of legend that Lenny remembered from his reading.  His answers were all around,  gorgeous eggs made from precious stones about to hatch and reveal the essence life and the culmination of his quest.   Suddenly Lenny was drawn into himself, eclipsed like the flame on a blow torch.   He lay dying on the concrete floor, but there was a broad smile on his face.   He’d found what he sought.   The life we hold so dear is just a disguise.   He knew what lay beyond.  He realized there is no life …. only death.


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