A Messy End (again)

The mouse with a human brain was a genuine scientific breakthrough.  The mouse was named Kristie O’ – a name chosen by the mother of the mouse who was also very smart although she did not possess a human brain.  Kristie O’ was a genius for a mouse.   At the beginning, she had a difficult time because she had no vocal cords and no hands with opposable thumbs so she was unable to speak or write.   She was unable to show the world how intelligent she was.  The scientist in charge of Kristie O’ decided she was intelligent because she refused to play any mouse games – she refused to take any tests or run the maze.   She would sit quietly and look askance at anyone who looked at her.   Dr. Peenuckle gave her the brain of a minor bureaucrat who had a puffed up ego.   A human brain in a mouse’s head is disproportionate to the size of the mouse which is one reason why Kristie O’ refused to do anything but sit.  Imagine a 3 pound brain in a tiny mouse skull. There had to be a better solution.   The good doctor asked his wife, Betty, to participate in a revolutionary experiment whereby the mouse would be able to communicate with Betty through the use of an electronic skullcap.  He failed to inform Betty that the mouse would have control over her thoughts and behavior.   Betty’s skullcap was placed beneath a wig so it would remain hidden from view.  The experiment worked and demonstrated the mouse’s immense intelligence.  It also revealed that Kristie O’ sought power over humans.  She wanted revenge for what was done to her without her permission.   The mouse made Betty her pawn.  The woman babbled like a puppet– the mouse was trying to get a foothold on human concerns so she could use them to her own ends.  The mouse discovered that humans loved God and the Bible.   She planned to use politics as her weapon.  She babbled about media misrepresentation and the refusal of government to accept Jesus Christ as the one true leader.  People never realized that Betty was controlled by Kristie O’, a mere mouse.   Dr. Peenuckle was losing control of his experiment because he was hypnotized by the mouse.   He was under Kristie’s spell along with the other humans.   No matter what the mouse said (through Betty) the crowds applauded.   Soon, the will of Kristie O’ overpowered the will of the people.    By sheer will power, Kristie was able to control Dr. Peenuckle.   Her plan was coming to a climax. She forced the doctor to transplant more brains into animal skulls.  Kristie was seduced by her own power and no longer cared if the other animals or humans suffered (as she suffered due to such radical experiments).   Kristie wanted to control the destiny of the planet and all living creatures.   Kristie even dabbled in witchcraft in order to acquire new weapons of power.  People began to vote for Kristie.   She was elected to several government positions, but it wasn’t enough.  The animals with new human brains were not so easily swayed by Kristie because she was responsible for their suffering.   Kristy wanted to take over the nation and the world, but the animals saw through the charade.   They put Kristie down.   Humans were aghast when the animals attacked.   Humans knew they were next in line due to their own ignorance and hubris.   Of course this all took place in the year 2012, the end of the world according to the Mayan Calendar.


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