True Master

Manfred Dorey wrapped his head around a dilemma.    It was a major problem – he had to escape.  He was being held in a prison.  The walls of his jail were composed of watchful eyes, character assassinations, and mocking laughter. Bullies were everywhere.   He was a frightened man.   He was criticized at work.   His wife, Lenore, threatened to leave him.   He was hounded by the Internal Revenue Service.   Life was a nightmare.   He had no doubt that aliens were infiltrating and taking over.   He was convinced the government was run by a cabal of anti-religious overlords.  It was an intolerable situation.   The government was spending his money and demanding more in taxes.   They wanted to take away his freedom.  He was told he couldn’t protect himself with a gun just because he had that accident and shot his neighbor six years ago. He was forced to buy health insurance which pissed him off because Lenore had been at him for years about the very same issue.   Everyone seemed to side with Lenore.   He had to escape.   So he wrapped his head around the dilemma.   Manfred’s brain began to make connections.  He was a “Man” and no one had a right to get in his way,  not Lenore,  not anyone.   He would get a gun and use it.   The more he thought about his dilemma, the more he understood.   God gave him the right to avenge his enemies.   He even heard God’s voice telling him to take out the sinners – the ones who aborted babies – the others who fornicated – and the alien scum.    Manfred felt the thrill of the divine as he continued to curl his head around his dilemma.   He saw images:  gunshots, blood, explosions.    He heard voices:  angels, demons, a judge and jury.    He twisted his mind around the dilemma like an Egyptian Priest wrapping stripes of cloth around a mummy.    The more he wrapped, the more he learned.   The judge read the sentence and Manfred knew the ax would fall, but he didn’t know who would carry out the sentence.    Was he in control or were the “others” coming after him?   He wrapped his mind tighter and tighter seeking answers.    He could feel his brain spinning round and sliding down into a black pit.    When the prison guards arrived they found Manfred babbling to himself.    The State couldn’t execute an insane man so he was committed to an institution.  Manfred stayed in the dark for many years, but one day he awoke.   In the pit, he discovered his true master and his new purpose.   Manfred’s work was just beginning.


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