Red Sludge

The Toxic Red Sludge crawled across Eastern Europe.   It slowly approached the waters of the Danube River.   Red ooze appeared to form tentacles, nervously gesticulating and consuming plants and small animals.  It was growing.   Ingrid Gojanovich suffered a stroke just when the sludge first appeared.  The stroke triggered bizarre visions.  She heard voices in her head.   She learned the red sludge was far more sinister than what scientists were reporting.   It was not simply the result of an industrial accident.   Ingrid listened intently to “Gorph,” the voice of the Toxic Red Sludge.   she decided Gorph could be insane.  It crossed her mind that she might be insane, but the words she heard in her head seemed true.   Gorph came from the far future, the next step in evolution, evolved from present day humans.   Gorph was a man, homo-toxicity.   He learned to backtrack across time with the aid of natural occurring vortices.   He had a big brain imprisoned within a body of toxic sludge.   He did not suddenly appear to warn people – he wanted revenge.   He wanted to make homo-sapiens suffer as he suffered in the far future.   Ingrid heard Gorph’s diabolical plans for world consumption.   She heard his secrets and knew he could be stopped by a small fungus “Habilis Floris” that flourished deep in the Everglades.   The fungus thrived on red sludge and turned the waste into valuable humus.  She learned the truth, but she could not speak.  The stroke caused paralysis.   Ingrid was forced to listen to Gorph’s angry rants while she watched the demise of her world.


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