Crime Wave

“Johnny Crossover kills his wife,” the headlines screamed on the Internet news channels.   Johnny was a war hero – he had a digital prosthetic to prove his bravery and devotion to the cause of freedom.   His wife, Devauhn Hennie, was a rising starlet as popular with the pre-teen set as the new virtual flavor called “blue.”   At least, she WAS a rising star before her body turned up battered, bloody, and dead.   It was the crime of the New Century … but the story was far more sinister than a flash blurb on the World Blog.   Johnny claimed innocents, but he couldn’t remember the ten hours of his life that involved the murder of his wife.   It soon became apparent that hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people were losing parts of their brains – the memory parts.  Detective Forbin^Slink was assigned to the case of the missing parts.  He was a virtual detective who worked exclusively in and around the world wide web.  Something sinister was definitely afoot.   ^Slink had achieved true artificial intelligence and he was used in thousands of the most perplexing cases.  The situation became dire when people with missing memories became extremely aggressive.   Violence and murder spilled into the streets across the world.  It was a new epidemic.   As successfully as ever, ^Slink discovered the truth behind the crime wave and the missing memories.   It was a virus, malware that spread from computers into human brains.   As people adopted more digital devices and implants they became particularly vulnerable.   The virus was originally developed to take over computers and force users to buy new software.   The simple virus floated in cyberspace for several years collecting bits of programs and adapting new tactics.   The end result was a virus that could attack the human brain.   Forbin^Slink discovered the truth as well as the cure, but it was too late.  He had become infected.   So the killer virus acquired the detective’s enormous intelligence.   It was the beginning of the New Century and a simple computer virus was taking control of everyone and  everything.



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