Freedom Lives

They wandered around in circles and carried signs.   They kept moaning and waving like demented victims.   A pale Leader in a puffy suit rallied the crowd.  They were dissatisfied and angry at the government.   The Leader berated the administration.   It wasn’t fair that they were all forced to pay taxes.  Why should they have to pay for education, health care, and police protection?   They shouldn’t have to pay for public schools – home schooling was good enough.    The Leader cajoled the crowd saying it wasn’t right for the government to take people’s money in order to pay for social security.   Why should citizens be forced to have social security – citizens should invest in the stock market to earn retirement benefits.   Free Enterprise was the only righteous path.   “Social security” was just a code name for Socialism.   The crowd went wild because the Leader said it all so clearly.  Freedom was the issue – the freedom to live with no interference and no concern for the dumb, poor slobs who failed at everything they did.   The government had no right.  It was obvious that the President was a Nazi who pushed Socialism.   The people just wanted to go back to an easier time when there were no  “laws” or  “taxes.”   It was all the fault of terrorists and aliens crossing the border.   Illegal immigrants took all the jobs and bought houses they couldn’t afford – then they went on government welfare along with unwed mothers and godless fornicators.   The government was helping support a do-nothing class of people.   Abortion was another issue that emblazoned eyes and made mouths froth.    The government had no right to abort babies and sponsor sex education.   Women had a responsibility to have babies because it was God’s Will.   Decent people always kept their babies even those that resulted from rape or who were horribly deformed.    God always provided for his children.   The litany of complaints was endless and so it came to pass that the Leader was elected to rule the nation.   Everyone realized he was a kind,  good-hearted person – even when he shut down the media because it was  so negative – everyone understood that free communication was too costly.    The leader needed to roll back government expenditures – social security and health care were eliminated.   Wars were deemed good for the economy so money was diverted into weapons systems.   The poor were forced to move to inner-city districts where they could be controlled and used on work crews.   The military took over local police departments.   All these changes benefited factory owners and corporations.  Trickle down prosperity would eventually raise-up the whole society – in twenty or fifty years, but no one was counting because they had faith.   After all, the Leader was one of them – he prayed in church every Sunday where God spoke directly to him.   No one who had influence was complaining about the violence in the streets because it cut down on the criminal population (a definite plus).   The “middle class” was happy with their new found freedom even if it meant being locked indoors most of the time – and forced to work several jobs to keep pace with inflation, but they were all free to do what they wanted.    Essentially everyone had faith that one day each person could become rich and famous as predicted in the Bible and on TV.    Billionaires were particularly happy because they got to earn more money without paying decent salaries or taxes.  It was like the good old days when people were glad to live in a barn and eat grass – they were free and no one could take that away.


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