Return of the Dead (from Alien Journal)

He saw himself in the graveyard.  Snakelip and Creep were there along with others from the university.   They were celebrating the full moon with a “love-in” for the dead.   An electric band cranked-out wails and screams, the sounds of the underworld.   Everyone was stoned.  Eyes dilated like pinwheels.   Food and wine were shared.   Their faces were streaked with paint and they wore luminous rags.   Eyes and lips glistened in the moonlight as bodies turned, leaped, and dripped with sweat.  A hawker sold hot dogs.  The dancers waved florescent light-tubes that illuminated the cemetery like a meat locker in a supermarket.  Ignuts sang like a banshee.   He overturned gravestones and danced with the dead.  Corpses greeted the living with open arms.   Suddenly Ignuts saw metal containers fall from the sky.   Neon saucers floated down like bloated maggots and he felt his stomach tremble and heave.   A chill, like freezer burn, made his flesh crawl.  A corpse pointed at Ignuts.  Words fell from the hollow skull like hammer blows, “You are dead.  We are all dead!”



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