All around the world people were receiving strange messages on their computers.   Some of the messages were simply an odd combination of numbers and letters, meaningless.   The messages looked strange, surrounded by symbols and pictographs.   Other messages appeared to come from mysterious sources, from other dimensions.   Most people deduced that it was a new source of spam.  Programs were developed to catch these strange, new messages before they arrived.   The messages began to enter people’s dreams, somehow seeping through the fire walls set up by engineers.   Milton, a teenager from Scranton, met an angel who came through his computer.   He fell in love with the invisible creature and was placed in an institution.   Glenda, a secretary from Ohio, met a Vampire.   Her body was found drained of blood, but every night people heard her scream.   Mark, a supervisor from Detroit, met an Alien.   He disappeared after being struck by a bolt of lightning. The invasion was real.   The development of the Internet had opened many doors.  The World Wide Web was like a neon Welcome sign.   The phantasms from other dimensions flocked through the doorway.   Earth would never be the same.


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