Billy Moda was a boy when he first tasted his own sweat.   It was salty and slightly sweet.  He liked the taste.   In high school gym class there was lots of sweat.  Locker room high-jinx often lead to showers of sweat.   Billy often experienced a  euphoric response just by being around so much sweat.   He had several girlfriends at the time, but he only liked the girls who perspired. His brain had imprinted on sweat.  His turn-on was perspiration.  When Billy grew into a young adult, his love of sweat began to dominate his life.   He only dated obese women who never used deoderant.   Billy hated the perfume smells that covered up the real thing.   He often licked the bodies of his girlfriends which was not always appreciated since Billy no longer had sex with them — licking was enough to give Billy an orgasm leaving the poor woman dissatisfied.  His craving for sweat became more urgent.   He never had enough.  He began to lick animals.  Frogs were particularly nice to lick.  But animals were never totally satisfying.   Billy hung around gyms, building his body, and looking for signs of sweat.   He became so obsessed that he was often seen crawling on the floor of the locker room (doing god knows what with his mouth).  His behavior inevitably  lead to his being banned.   He could not control his passion.   He wandered dark streets searching for signs of any sweaty carcass.   If he found something he couldn’t help himself — he licked the sweat from the body.  He was often assailed with dirty words and fisticuffs.  Billy’s life was unbearable, but one night he met Michelle Epp who happened upon the same bridge where Billy had planned to take his life by jumping.  Michelle was Dallappian and Billy was an Earthling.   Dallappians are prone to sweat profusely which Billy immediately noticed.   The young man was smitten as never before.  He couldn’t stop himself from licking Michell’s flesh.  To a Dallappian being licked is an act of sex.  Michelle fell for Billy and his attentive tongue.   As Billy licked he became more enamored.   He had found his one and only love.  They made an odd couple, but love is strange.


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