The Risk

It was always his intention to escape, to take leave of his perfect home and venture out into the world.  Life was too easy in his plush pad.   It was warm and comfortable.  The food arrived on time and tasted quite delicious.   He was surrounded by exquisite sounds that produced a sense of love and security.   It was perfect, but it was also confining.   He wanted to get out, to be on his own and explore the mysteries and complexities of the world beyond his home.  He knew he would be subject to many risks.  The world was dangerous. He knew his home was the safest place to enjoy life.   Everything was provided for him.   Still, he couldn’t stop the compulsive urges to leave home. Eventually he set out along the passage leading to freedom.   It was a difficult journey – painful and terrifying, but he finally made it.   He was blinded by the light and intensity of the world.   At that moment he knew he could never go back.  It hit him like a fist and he screamed in anguish.   He made a deadly mistake – he allowed himself to be born.  Now every moment was a risk – Danger and Death gambled with his life.


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