Time Travel

Logan VanLick discovered the secret life of “time.”  Logan was a young man when he found the secret.   He had always been a poor student, but he had a livid imagination and he loved to tinker.   He parents threw him out when he was a teenager because he didn’t meet their expectations.   Logan learned to live on the streets.  He found an abandoned basement where he set up shop. He stole food to survive.  He was building a tinkerer’s delight – a little device he called a “death machine.”  His eyes were bright with odious visions and his sly smile rankled the nerves of anyone who crossed his path.   Logan wanted to rip a hole through the universe – he wanted to block out the past and reinvent the future.  He was obsessive-compulsive.   Logan’s existence revolved around the completion of his machine.   It was easy to find the necessary equipment for his experiments.   Illegal dumps supplied chemicals, cathode ray tubes, and dangerous computer components.   Logan accumulated enough supplies to build a small particle accelerator.  He continued to tinker and experiment.  He hit upon a formula to create “strange matter.”  It was a breakthrough.  His machine was almost complete.  He could knock a hole in space.  He could slip outside of time.   He experimented on himself – he didn’t want to hurt anyone in particular – he just wanted to destroy reality and everyone in it.   Each experiment divulged more information about the nature of time and space. The last experiment changed everything.   The machine shuddered and wheezed like a living beast.   Logan was thrust into a bubble of time which expanded beyond the limits of the universe.  Logan was stretched and shredded.  In excruciating agony he discovered the secret life of time.   He learned that Time is a Dominatrix.  Time seeks lovers to exploit, slaves to command.  Time is ruthless.  Time fully enjoyed Logan’s company and when Logan was used up he was returned to the place where he was found, the basement hovel in an uncompromising reality.   He was returned with only half his brain so he could no longer function as an individual let alone as some kind of mad scientist.  Logan could never escape from his agony.


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