No Thing

There is nothing like “nothing” to start and finish your day.   I’ve wandered aimlessly looking for something, but no luck.  Last thing I remember was working on a new art project.  It was quite beautiful and mysterious.   I guess I have no idea how powerful my art can be because suddenly I was surrounded by “nothing.”  I was building a vessel, a door really – it was just fantasy, an effect.  I was creating a door into another dimension.   I had engraved the piece with arcane symbols, but they were just imaginary doodles.   Much to my surprise something happened which resulted in my being surrounded by “nothing.”   Technically it is something – a gray foggy something with no other distinguishing characteristics.  So I’m in fog land.  I’ve called out, but no one answers and there is not even an echo.  Just nothing.   The more I contemplate the symbols I wrote on the vessel, the more something makes sense.   I had been reading a book, “The Tome of Remembrance.”   It was awful – about a Wizard who mistakenly wandered onto a battlefield.   All he saw was violence.   Even people in the towns and cities who were not part of the war were violent towards one another, driven by self interest and greed.  The Wizard was astounded by the torment he witnessed.   He set out to invoke a charm.   He said the words that were written in the tome I was reading and the world disappeared to be replaced by dreams.   I had written those exact words on my work of art.   I believed the book was an imaginary tale.  Now, the world no longer exists.  It has been replaced with “nothing.”   In fact, the world never really existed.  It was a dream.


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