Wilamet Hangnail was in a precarious position.   He was about to be fired from his job as “Protagonist.”  It was a cush job.   He could do whatever he wanted and still receive an exorbitant salary.  His only responsibility was to be himself, the hero of his own story.   The new executive of the firm had different ideas.   He wanted to move Wilamet into another position – that’s when the trouble began.   Mr. H, the new boss, perceived Wilamet as someone with a nefarious past and a dark future.   Ingrid, the secretary, had fallen in love with the Protagonist and she was very upset with the new executive decisions.   It had been true love and Wilamet felt the same toward Ingrid.   He did not want to upset his golden life as a Protagonist, but orders had to be obeyed and he was required to murder Ingrid in order to create a more interesting plot.   The office was abuzz with speculation.   Water-cooler conversations all revolved around Wilamet Hangnail’s predicament.   Ingrid was understandably nervous as her position in the firm was being changed to that of victim.  The decision process was taking far too long.   An executive order was issued that called for a new employee to be brought into the firm.  The new hire was Wilamet’s replacement.  In the few weeks that followed, Wilamet was totally forgotten.  He had been wiped clean from the pages of the firm’s directory.  He had never been conceived or born.


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