Winthrop Marcos was facing a crisis.  He was slowly disappearing.   His world was vanishing around him.   At first, familiar objects, like household utensils, were lost – not too uncommon.  Socks were always disappearing.  However, the frequency increased beyond normal expectations.   It worried Winthrop when familiar places, buildings and parks, began to vanish.   He was certain a three story Victorian building stood at the corner of his well established neighborhood, but suddenly it was gone.  No one else seemed to notice.   His wife, Melissa, was oblivious to the changes.   At work “Widgets.com” there were a lot of vacancies.   His supervisor,  said people were “let go” due to the recession – “nothing out of the ordinary.”   But Winthrop worried.   Melissa was unable to calm his anxiety; then, one day she was gone.  It hit Winthrop in the worst way.  He was frantic.   Each new day there was less to see, less to do.  He couldn’t remember what was missing, but knew it was gone forever.  Winthrop began to notice changes within himself.   He felt frail, less weighty – his hands looked smaller.   He was certain he had two arms but he could only find one.   Words were also missing, language vanishing.   What were the words to describe something that no longer existed?   Widgets.com still carried on, writing and rewriting the codes that controlled the Information Age.  Winthrop no longer worked at the office.   He was being eliminated.  He wasn’t out of work due to the recession.   His code was being revoked, consigned to the trash bin.


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