About “About”

Every Social Networking Site asks the question “About.”   Presumably to gain information about the person joining the site.  This response might help:
“This is an impossible task . . . ‘About.’  There is no definition of ME.   None. There is no context.   I don’t know who or what I am — so how can I answer the inquiry suggested by ‘About?’   Sometimes I am aware of certain sensations, but they always change.  Nothing remains permanent.   I believe I’ve been captured and placed in a bag of skin — is this for my own protection or for the protection of others? Everyday is fleeting; then night arrives and my energy seems to drain away into the dark that surrounds everything.   There is no ‘About!’
Response to the Question:
“I’ve entered another Zone — call it another Dimension if you like.  Now I must find my way around without losing the basis for my existence (since that existence depended on a totally different set of reality-based facts). Everything has changed and I squawk like a fish out of water.”


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