Slick as Oil

Walter Flumb was an ordinary man.   He worked for Cyrus, a “recycling” company that extracted oil from plastics, land fills, the ocean floor, and trees. Any hint of oil was pursued with technological abandon and promotional mendacity.   Walter was a company courier, one of several hundred who were sent around the planet with information in pouches handcuffed to their wrists. Walter saw first-hand the oil retraction operations in use by the Cyrus Corporation.   He never fully understood what he saw, but he knew that devastation followed after every Cyrus extraction.   Recycled plastics turned to toxic sludge.  Land fills became poisonous swamps.   The oceans turned black.  A new Earth was born under the tutelage of Cyrus.   The impact of the change hit Walter after he fell in love.   It was deep, abiding love with a femme fetale.  He could not help himself.  She was extraordinary.   Making love to her was like a trip to another world where every sensation was multiplied beyond ecstasy.  Walter could never fully embrace his new love.   She was too big for him.  His arms strained to get around her corpulent form.   They slipped on her oily skin.  Still he loved her.   He was addicted to her sour breath, steaming with the dregs of dying oceans.   Walter craved the burning stings from her lashing tentacles.  In truth he did not know if she was a woman or man.   He suspected she was some form of mutant or alien.   Every time he made love, he could feel his life force diminish, but it was an exquisite feeling.   At long last he would be able to rest.  He welcomed death in the embrace of his lover.   He knew his body would be put to good use, turned to oil to supply the unfathomable demands of the Cyrus Corporation.


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