Relative Notions

The Chairman declared, “we are now in an altered reality.”   Everything looked the same, but there was a slight difference.   For example: the chairman was softly glowing.  He never glowed before.  Adam Bosco thought a “glow” could not matter too much.  Then, again, the “glow” could be a “glimmer.”   A glimmer was an entirely different matter and it could mean total disaster for the project along with all the individuals involved.  Chairman Wiseback had been acting strangely ever since the incident when an ectoplasmic entity seemingly appeared in Lab 214 – and now the Chairman was glowing.   Adam had an important role to play as the Forensic Investigator for all Temporal Events. There had been many anomalies since the investigations first began.   There were odd displacements, energy surges, and strange appearances – and now the Chairman was glowing!  Adam was beginning to panic.   The accumulating anomalies could only mean one thing: the universe was no longer stable and reality was beginning to fragment.  Adam Bosco became obsessed with the apocalyptic situation.   He saw “glimmers” everywhere.    Adam had to take matters into his own hands.   Everything was deteriorating – he recognized an army of Zombies on the glowing horizon.   His wife pleaded with him to stop the oncoming disaster.  Her pleas were harsh as she accused Adam of triggering the whole event.   At first Adam took her seriously and began to analyse his involvement, then he saw the glow surrounding his wife and knew she had been infected.   Adam surmised that the Chairman was the culprit. Chairman Wiseback always hated Adam and tried to disparage him.   The truth became clear after Wiseback began to glow.  With no other course open to Adam, he decided to face the Chairman.   He met the Chairman in the lab, armed with a bomb.   After the explosion the universe slipped back into a relatively stable position and reality returned to normal, but no one knew what happened.  Adam was called a domestic terrorist.   His wife said he went crazy due to his ongoing conflict with the Chairman.   She never hinted at anything untoward, but she continued to glow.   She maintained the “glimmer” which could only mean that stability  in the universe was not likely to last.


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