Helping Hand

Sam’s life was redacted.   He had to start from scratch.   What he tried to do no longer mattered – in the end, everything was deleted.   The same thoughts plagued him in an effort to make sense of the situation, but whenever an answer appeared it was immediately cancelled.   Sam was stranded beneath a sea of virulent emotions and compulsive behaviors.   He remembered the time he thought  someone came to help.   A hand pierced the illusive panopticon where he was stranded.  The hand became a pointing finger that pushed at Sam.  It was part of the touch screen display and Sam was behind the screen.   The finger pushed,  trying to pin Sam down, trying to crush him.   Sam responded the only way he could in order to save himself.  He became the finger’s slave.   Sam would do whatever the finger demanded.   Sam was caught inside the computer with no life of his own.  His body was preserved in an isolation chamber – his mind was used as part of the computer core to serve the whims of the “controller.”


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