Let It Be

It is not easy trying to pass for human.  This is the brutal fact that every mortal being must confront.   A person is only presumed to be human at birth, but everyone gets lost in the process of growing up.   You may look human, but down deep the suspicion persists that it is only a facade.   The fact remains that everyone is a performer.   We do and say whatever we assume will keep us “human.” We know intrinsically that we are living a lie.  Nothing can make us what we are not.  Nothing can make us “human.”   Each “person” is a monster, a mutant form of life who has slipped from the stanchions of reality into the miasma of self delusion.  We all know this is true.   We are as alien as the monsters in a science fiction movie trying desperately to pass for human in order to survive in a hostile world.   Others are always after us, trying to shatter the illusion we project.  Without an appropriate script our performance is always in question.   The questioning and constant doubt wells up from inside.  Every person is badgered by the “watcher within” who wants to reveal the terrible truth by tearing off our mask of humanity.   Each person is vulnerable.   Man or woman, each one is exposed with the thin veneer of flesh that can be so easily torn to shreds.  Monsters will always prevail.


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