Miracle Appliance

Frank Wilspot would not compromise.   His gleaming, new dishwasher had to be maintained or it would not work.   In other words, the dishwasher needed to be used daily or it would breakdown.  Frank was told by the last repair person that the dishwasher had to be flushed (or “used”) in order to keep loose particles from gumming up the works.  Frank didn’t really need a dishwasher, it came with the condo.  Frank was single and actually enjoyed washing his few dishes in the sink.  Frank refused to bend.   He kept right on washing his dishes in the sink.   He could care less about maintaining the dish machine, but then he heard strange gurgling sounds coming from the kitchen.   He checked everything.   He suspected the sounds emanated from the dishwasher, but they soon died down and nothing seemed askance.   The sounds started up as soon as he retreated to the bedroom for a night’s sleep. Over the next week, the sounds became horrific, like moans from the graveyard.  Frank was at his wits end.  He’d heard a rumor about the last occupant of his condo – the tenant mysteriously disappeared.   Frank gave no credence to the story, but the sounds from the kitchen made him wonder.   He began to have strange dreams.  He was captive in a metal box.   In the dream, his screams went unanswered.  It was pathetic.   His life was becoming unbearable.   Still he refused to give up his identity and submit to the dishwasher.  He would not use the damn machine come hell or high water. The condo was flooded the next week.  Water gushed out of all the faucets.   A foot of water filled the condo.   The plumber tied off the pipes and the water finally ceased.   Now Frank was living without water, but the gurgling sounds still continued.  He started sleep walking, pushed from his bed by his horrendous nightmares.   He always woke in a standing position, in the kitchen.  Something forced him into the kitchen.   He knew it was the cursed dishwasher and he planned to attack it and destroy the mechanism.   But, the dishwasher had other plans.   It had eliminated the last tenant by ingestion which caused the pipes to gurgle.   Now with all the trouble in Frank’s condo the super got the police to investigate.   They found body parts in the drain coming off the dishwasher.  Frank was the prime suspect.   Everyone knew how badly Frank wanted this particular condo.  There was no other explanation.  Frank was tried and convicted.   The dishwasher waited for the next tenant to arrive.


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