No Exit

Who knows when the time is right to end one’s life?   Max Klempt thought he knew.  He had experienced a series of unfortunate incidents.   He was a nobody at Aaron’s Publishing Co. where he worked.   He was stuck in the mail room.   No one wanted to hear his ideas or read his novel.   When he misplaced a package, he was fired.  He hated the job, but he needed the income.   His boyfriend, Ignacio, was a status seeker, always wanting more of everything.  Max could no longer provide anything so Ignacio left.   Although no one was hurt in the car accident, the judge declared it was Max’s fault and he was ordered to pay an exorbitant sum of money that his insurance would not cover.   He was about to be evicted and he was coming down with a severe case of the Swine Flu brought on by stress.   Max figured the time was right to end his life.   He took the pills he stashed for the occasion and drank the bourbon to dull the pain.  His body died in the emergency room, but his consciousness lingered on in a parallel world.   He experienced a new life where he succeeded at everything he ever hoped to achieve.   He achieved fame as a world famous novelist who made mountains of money.   He had two love slaves who worshiped his every move.  Years seemed to pass quickly for Max.   Then, with no warning, a hand came out of the sky and smacked him down.  He was forced to pay for the bounty he had received.   He became the dot at the end of a sentence, forever tormented by unrelenting anguish, never knowing how the story ends, stuck in the process of going nowhere.   Max had to exist with the realization that he could do nothing, he was totally helpless with no way out.


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