Colin Felch had a vision of the devil when he was 7 years old.   It was the coolest event that ever happened to him.   In the vision, Colin saw a world of brilliant neon light.  Naked revelers were dancing around the devil who looked like a character from a movie about Chicago gangsters.   Colin became obsessed.   He asked questions and received rebukes from his parents who were not interested in having their son tempted by the devil.   Colin learned to keep silent and look on the internet and in old books to find any information about Satan, Lucifer, and every other demon he could name.   He had no doubt that the devil was the boss, the true Godfather.   Colin also studied religion, especially the Catholic Church that had a rich relationship with the devil and his minions.  He learned the church had always been threatened by science which they saw as an enemy to the faith.   Colin decided that science was in league with the devil and that prompted him to become a scientist.  He studied Quantum Physics.   He left the University early to pursue his subversive interests concerning the nature of Hell and the nature of The Beast.  Colin withdrew from the world.   He used sexual magic to try and make contact with demons.  He dismissed many of the old myths regarding Satan because his vision had been so glorious – there was no pain or malice among the cavorting minions of Hell.   At school, Colin learned about parallel worlds – worlds like Earth that resulted from different choices or alternate paths of evolution.   He surmised that Hell was a parallel world – in a different dimension.   He linked his hypothesis with sex because sex was always viewed as sinful.  He masturbated constantly to gain greater sexual energy.  He was trying to open a gateway to Hell.   He desperately wanted to meet his Master.   Colin became a sinner.  He pursued sin with a vengeance, embracing every perversion and every form of immorality.  He no longer bathed.   He only ate to gorge himself like a glutton, then he starved himself not wanting to bother with daily chores like making dinner.  He took drugs, anything to get high.  He abused his body and sought extreme sexual experiences, orgies, and bondage.   His pleasure became a tormenting obsession.   In the lab he worked with atoms and molecules trying to create a gateway.   He rarely slept.   Colin’s time was devoured by work and by his explorations of sin.   His compulsion drove him ruthlessly until his very life became Hell on Earth.   He experienced the Hell as described in the Bible.   His mind and body were racked with famine, the need for more extreme violence in order to find the answers he sought.   His lab experiments hinted at other worlds.  Colin was intrigued by the “glimmer,” but nothing more occurred — no door or gateway.   Years of ruthless abandon took a toll on Colin.  His body became twisted and gnarled, infused with rheumatic pain.  For all his effort and determination, Colin had discovered nothing but the “glimmer” – and then he died.  No one came to the funeral.  A letter to the editor of the New World Post arrived one year after Colin passed away.  Two simple words were scrawled on a moldy piece of paper, “At last.”   It was signed Colin Felch.


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