Meetings in Strange Places (from “Alien Journal”)

The L.A. art museum looked like a giant complex of monumental blocks sinking into the La Brea Tar Pits, a perfect reconstruction.   Three main buildings sloped at odd angles toward one another.  Everything inside the buildings was lopsided because the floors sank and no surface was level.  The buildings were no longer maintained because quicksand was discovered under the structural foundation.   Most art critics agreed that sinking buildings were far more aesthetic than the original construction.

David couldn’t find Aramet Yashafats (his contact), so he took a tour of the latest artistic revelations.   The show was entitled, “Primal Art: The First and Last Form.”  The first piece he approached was called “Primal Statement” by artist, Jack Litch.   A compact mound of feces was displayed within a pristine cube of Plexiglas — blunt and simple.   In a video presentation, Litch talked about his work, “I can’t control my primal statements.  I have to let go no matter where I am — and that’s when my art is the most spontaneous and brilliant.  I never coax my art like some ‘pretend artists’ who use laxatives and other performance enhancement drugs.   My art is completely natural and unrestrained.”


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