Have a Nice Vacation

The conduit was connected to the brain through the head. The man struggled against the pain that shot through his Cerebral Cortex like the flame from a blow-torch. This was supposed to be Eric Jamison’s vacation, but he stepped into the wrong Travel Agency. He should have realized that a trip to the Peruvian Andes for such a bargain price was too good to be true. He suspected that, indeed, he knew all along. He left on a 727, but he was the only passenger – something was not Kosher. He thought a drink might ease his trepidation, instead he was knocked out. He awoke in the cavern with a hose in his head and pain in his brain. In fact, Eric was not surprised. For many years he traveled to unexpected locations that resulted in excruciating pain. He knew it was an addiction – he had grown to love the torture … and the Aliens loved him.


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