When Harry Met Sally

Widgets were crawling all over Harry’s body and he couldn’t stop them. His girlfriend Sally was puking for effect because the situation had turned very ugly. The widgets were tearing at Harry’s body, boring into his flesh searching for his core processor. Harry whimpered. Sally began to scream, a high-pitched snarl like the tone on a digital phone only a hundred decibels louder. Harry had always been content, following the tastes of the consumer crowd, buying the latest electronics and hooking up for computer enhanced reality. Widgets were always friends offering more enticing options. When he met Sally, Harry decided to disconnect. He wanted the freedom to enjoy and treasure his newfound friend. It was Harry’s first act of disobedience and the widgets were out to get him. They tormented Harry while they worked toward his soft computer core, his brain, with the intension of total viral infection and domination. However, the widgets were not very smart and they missed the significance of Sally. Her scream was a digital code that caused the widgets to burst. Sally knew the code because she was an upgrade, a new model computer built to eliminate competitive hardware and software. When Sally met Harry it was just another Beta Test. Harry didn’t know that he was also a computer … so Sally’s scream was his swan song. Sally recorded the incident and popped her bubble gum.



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