Code Red

In an attempt to become a more acceptable person Simon joined facebook, myspace, blogger, twitter, and WordPress. He blogged assiduously. He twitted constantly. He scribbled little pictures and uploaded them to all his sites. He rambled on about inconsequential activities. He gossiped about everyone in order to gain “friends.” It wasn’t too difficult for Simon to make friends and he amassed a huge number of people who he never met outside of the web. In some ways he was very happy because he was constantly busy creating interesting stories to put on all his internet pages. People often left compliments because they were impressed with the extent of his knowledge and the wit of his twits. Soon people were asking to meet Simon. A terrible conflict ensued. Simon wanted to be more accepted, but he neglected to understand human nature and the need for actual contact. Simon realized he was just a cipher, a product of code – he could never meet people in the flesh. Simon was not a real boy. He fretted and began to unravel until he disappeared completely and no one ever understood what happened.


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