Round Up

“The Hombre” had a pang of conscience after ten years and nine months working for the Magma Corporation. He was a wrangler who loved the wide-open plain. His skills earned him a top position in the corporation. He oversaw hundreds of cowboys and planned each operation. It was a cushy job. He took the time to roam the plains of each new continent discovering the treasures that nature provided. His freedom and money depended on his obedience to the corporation. He’d been wrangling all his life and started as a lowly, but independent cowboy who worked his way to the top. He enjoyed rounding up the animals and herding them into training pens where they were fattened for the slaughter. But lately he had second thoughts. He’d noticed fear and pain in the eyes of the beasts. They knew what lay ahead. The animals actually seemed to communicate with one another – could it be that they were intelligent? The Hombre studied the creatures in their pens. He actually learned to communicate with them. He started to see them as attractive even though they appeared misshapen and crude by normal standards. The Hombre made his life changing decision to never herd or hunt “humans” again.


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