“Of course the focus is on the extraordinary,” Dr. Klemp said, “and that’s why our cloning program is so successful. We are not trying to reproduce copies, we are pursuing the science of Creationism – whereas Man is the creator.” Dr. Klemp led the tour group through the vast chambers of the Mangorah Institute of Genetic Disparity. Klemp continued his lecture, “I myself am a clone although I look nothing like my donating progenitor – and I am nothing like Dr. Huxley who’s cells provided my inheritance. Since I’ve taken control of Mangorah procedures have been updated. We no longer make requests for genetic material. We take what comes and use what we can, then dispose of the remaining organism.” Murmurs arose from members of the group who obediently followed Dr. klemp. “We no longer need the original donor to cause disputes over the resulting clones. Our responsibility is to the clones themselves.” Now there were gasps from members of the tour group. “As I stated, we take what comes to us. Clones are far superior and more diverse than natural born humans. Each of you should be honored to be part of our cutting edge procedures.” The tour group was immediately surrounded by creatures who barely looked human, mutant clones. Members of the group would be used as fodder to create a new generation of clones who would be capable of “shock & awe” and world domination.


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