The Ritual

Father Anastin took the child into his inner sanctum for some special attention. The child needed human affection and the Father felt obligated to oblige. The Father touched the frail child gently. At first, the child was repelled by Father’s attention, then settled down and allowed what would come next. The religious personage was precise in his ministrations, disrobing both himself and the child. It was difficult at first to become aroused, but Father felt a calling. The child withered like an uprooted flower, but inevitably became excited by Father’s touch. This was not the first time they performed this unconventional ritual and it would not be the last – not if the child was to survive. Father Anastin knew the human-alien hybrid needed this attention in order to accommodate to the special needs of it’s body. Too many hybrids were lost because they lacked intercourse with humans. The Father knew he was no longer in compliance with the church’s doctrine. Too many priests in the early years were accused of pederasty, but this was different – a matter of life and death. The human-alien hybrid experiment needed a successful survivor in order to end the war. Only by sharing the most intimate of human behaviors could the hybrid survive.


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