Pop Culture Hero

It was extremely difficult to conduct the interview because my subject was the man who wanted to murder me. I could see it in his beady red-eyes. He spoke with an accent so that his true identity would remain hidden. He called himself “The Beast.” You may remember that name, referring to the most demonic serial killer in modern history. The crimes committed were particularly sadistic. Nothing was left of any of the victims except mismatched body parts. Brutal sex played an important role in each of the crimes. The dungeon where victims were tortured was a Charnal house. The “Beast” ironically became a cultural icon and a hero of sorts to a younger, nastier generation. The man I interviewed claimed to be that same “Beast,” but there was no corroborating evidence as yet. He did delight in describing the rapes he claimed to commit. Also, he skinned my body with his penetrating eyes, as if delighting in my fast approaching torment. He wanted to kill me and my skin was on fire with fearful anticipation. It was my most difficult interview — the interview with myself.


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