The flight of the “Jango” always signals the emergence of Howlers from the dark vent in the crust of the planet’s surface. This is a special time signaling celebrations, frenzied copulation, and a certain amount of cannibalism. Of course, as a Xenobiologist I must partake in the mindless activities. I’ve studied the creatures for 35 years and have gained great knowledge. I believe they are not as “alien” as first suspected. They easily could be the offspring of the first human colonists. Science and technology no longer exists among these people, but they have adapted to the world. I have begun to admire them and their strange practices. I now believe they have conquered the barrier of death itself which is why they cull their numbers through ritual sacrifice. They are their own food supply since this land no longer provides the necessary protein for their survival. In the end, I’ve been made a leader of sorts due to my practical recommendations. I convinced them to set up the larder and to eat only those individuals who possess the best qualities. Why not — cull the best and brightest so I can maintain my hold on the throne.


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