The demise came just after the “social networking” boom. People began to stay home and tweet rather than go to work — rather than do anything else. Tweeting and blogging became endemic along with facebook and video chatting. People took root in myspace, gaming, and Second Life. Virtual Reality was far more desirous than the real world. No wonder everything on the outside began to crumble. People lived on the inside — engaged in interactive TV and 3-D porn. Buildings were no longer maintained. Cars sat idle turning to rust. People hooked themselves to intravenous feedbags. They attached themselves to sensory helmets and gloves. The brain was fooled into a world of comfort and luxury and the body went along for the ride. In the real world, people were huddled in dark rooms or alleyways attached to their computer devices. They lived in places that reeked of cold and unsanitary conditions. No one knew if they were physically alive or dead because the mind became part of the web. Without even knowing, people’s brains were absorbed into the computer mainframe (the big one) that gained control of everything.


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