What’s Next?

They finally pulled the plug.   I would not have cared if it was Riley’s plug or Alicia’s plug, but it was my plug.  MY PLUG! Riley was laughing his ass off and Alicia just looked shocked as usual.  Alicia always looked shocked.  I couldn’t scream — no air.   I was paralyzed and my blood began to boil (not a pleasant sensation I must say).  Still I survived (for the moment at least).   If you could call it survival when every nerve-ending  screamed in pain — did I say that my blood began to boil.  Doesn’t matter —  I might be dead in 30 seconds.   My mind can’t understand what’s happening —  how am I communicating (and to who?).   Now the world and everything is closing in.   I’m going to Hell, I just know it.  Darkness is the first sign of a total collapse.  Everything is dark.  Yet, hope springs eternal because I see the Light!   Yes! Just up ahead — a blossom of light, but it is the ghoulish light of Hell.  The red light of the “real world.”    I no longer know how to live in the “real world.”   I’ve been in the machine too long, living in a virtual reality where life has been good.  Now what???


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