In the Cellar

Siegfried wrestled with demons. His mother put Seigie in the cellar to make him calm down, but the cellar was where the demons were born – hatched from little alien-eggs that looked like clumps of lint. Siegie was a 47 year old boy who lived with “mother” because the world was cold and gray. Things changed at home when the demons came. Home became more dangerous than the world outside. Seigie had to escape or he would be altered just as mother had been changed. Now she was a minion of the demons — a mutant who delighted in dominating and collecting human specimens. Siegie did not want to be a specimen or guinea pig. Every time he was put in the cellar he had to fight for dear life. He exhausted himself and became a shadow of himself — still clinging desperately to his humanity in the face of unparalleled opposition. He needed help . . .


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