Two Places

The individual felt as though everything was attacking his flesh. There was no escaping the reality that he was in two places at once, and one of those places was very bad (a painful reminder that nothing in this universe is free). He was trying to help the woman who was being used as a punching bag – her name was Rhonda. His name was Lief Garrison. She said, “Don’t bother this is just routine.” He couldn’t stop himself at the sight of a damsel in distress. After a lifetime of hard knocks, he escaped with the girl, but then he ran into interference from the “League of Nominal Control.” The girl was a valuable asset — worth millions and everyone was trying to grab her. Lief was just in the way. The controllers leashed a net of neuro processors at him and now his skin was burning. Evey thought, sound, or movement penetrated his skin like the sharp nose of a jackhammer. It was intolerable.


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