A Hero

Ollie Firstwell was a remarkable child. When push came to shove he faced an incredible challenge and proved his prowess — which was not easy for an intimidated human-weakling. At school, after several beatings, he decided to lay down and just sink into hibernation mode. The bullies thought he went catatonic – it worked wonders. No one bothered him again until he met the hyper-dimensional Being named Zonkkk, a nasty critter who ate brains for breakfast. Zonkkk thought Ollie was really catatonic and that was especially tempting to the alien. But Ollie was only playing and when Zonkkk attacked, Ollie went into Super-charge mode and his brain caught fire with anti-alien rejection hormones. Zonkkk was decimated and Ollie was invited to join the Galactic Guardian Society (a secret organization of super heroes).


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