water rising

Grasping at straws is just a saying – Or is it? When you are sitting in a room that is flooded with gallons of liquid, you really need a straw in order to continue breathing. That is just what happened on a sunny day in my one room apartment overlooking the ocean. A vent exploded and water began to rise. Not ordinary water either – the color was luminescent and violet (like the water in a nightmare). I had been preparing to testify before the Grand Jury of Peculiar Circumstances when the water broke. I was the prime witness against Hargass Splint (the greatest criminal of our time who decimated continents by stealing water and selling it to the highest bidder). No one was protecting me so I wasn’t surprised by the attack. Luckily there was an air vent on the ceiling and a straw would allow me to breathe. The strange water was rising as I searched for a straw – grasping for my life.


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